Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Our ePOD Product

How Our ePOD Product Works ?

The Proof of Delivery (ePOD) product is a paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations. All delivery activity is tracked electronically and the software includes additional features such as task management, driver communications and access to site notes and manifest information.
Eliminates paperwork

It’s not environmental factors, with TraciFy ePOD, you’ll leave time-consuming manual data entry and long delays in data processing behind with lost or damaged paper delivery notes. With ePOD, your office-based teams are provided with real-time data; and you will vastly reduce the administrative burden of paperwork.

Enhance real-time visibility

Your office staff will benefit from the real-time updates and data received from the field, as they can respond quickly to any issues that may arise. For example, if goods are damaged, they can review the photos sent by the driver and rearrange a new delivery time or negotiate a discount with the client.

Reduce internal communication time

When using a web-based task management software and paperless proof of delivery, employees can receive daily tasks and instructions via an app. Thus, removing the need to arrive the office to receive or return paperwork.

Share valuable data with everyone

A first-class ePOD software should be easily integrated with your business systems and provide you with valuable data if it is to be used to enhance your processes across several departments.

Optimize workforce productivity

There are multiple ways to improve labor force productivity both in the office and field with real-time data transmission offered by TraciFy ePOD software.

Here are a few ways:

Gather and monitor KPI data for improvement

Software like TraciFy ePOD, simplifies the collection of data recorded by your workers in the field. It allows you to automatically create dashboards for daily reports and trend analysis to identify areas that might need immediate improvement.

Data is critical when making decisions that help you improve the service you provide and eventually boost profit. Make sure the analysis is as straightforward as possible and doesn’t create extra work for you.

Enhance customer communication

Customer expectations have evolved, hence more proactive services and real-time interaction to your clients is key. Using TraciFy ePOD app will provide you with these options to keep your customers informed throughout the whole delivery process:

Pre-delivery notification

TraciFy ePOD app both manual and automated notification options, meaning clients will receive an e-mail or SMS notification when their shipment begins.

Delivery tracking

The pre-delivery notification will include estimated delivery time and an HTML tracking link, allowing clients to trace the route of their goods.

Post-delivery notification and ePOD

After delivering, the driver automatically sends out an ePOD to the customer and to the office staff, who generates an electronic bill in no time. The ePOD even includes a picture and instructions to the exact location of the goods.

Improve the accuracy and detail of POD

There’s only so much you can do with a paper-based delivery note, but with TraciFy ePOD software, the options are more extensive.

Build your business-specific electronic forms that include a photo capturing option, checkboxes, notes or alpha-numeric fields. All will make the document filling-in process much easier for the customers.

Itemized forms will provide a more detailed overview of what’s happening in the field and improve the accuracy of the information you provide to your customers. As mentioned before, include a picture of the drop-off point or the condition the goods was handed over.

Improve on-site service and social distance (SD)

With TraciFy ePOD on board, you will not only speed up your processes but improve your brand image and ensure your drivers have all the relevant information they need, including customer-specific delivery instructions.

When the delivery representative is the only human contact your client has with your company, it is imperative that all customer contact is positive and professional, boosting customer satisfaction rates.

TraciFy ePOD software provides easy-to-use applications that will make your drivers’ job easier and thus reduce any stress they might have. It’ll be more likely they deliver excellent customer experience, and your clients will be pleased. Word-of-mouth advertising is a hugely powerful advertising channel, and you should always ensure your customers become your best brand ambassadors.