Temperature Monitoring, Doors Monitoring, Load Monitoring...


A fully featured GPS Server dedicated EXCLUSIVELY for your business and configured with your policies and business logic.


Three types of geofences can be created on TraciFy GPS Server which are circle, polygon & polyline geofences. Polyline geofences are used to monitor driver diversion when route management is activated.


Available alarms depend on the type of devices installed and it can include SOS, vibration, movement, lowspeed, overspeed, fallDown, lowPower, lowBattery, fault, powerOff, powerOn, door, lock, unlock, geofences, geofenceEnter, geofenceExit, gpsAntennaCut, accident, tow, idle, highRpm, hardAcceleration, hardBraking, hardCornering, fatigueDriving, powerCut, powerRestored, jamming, temperature, parking, shock, bonnet, footbrake, fuelLeak and tampering.activated.

User And Access Management

Our latest version provides three levels of user profiles. Admin – superuser that has full unlimited access to the whole server. Manager – user with extended capabilities allowing him to manage his subset of users and register new ones. User – ordinary user that can manipulate any of his own objects and add new ones.


Provides most of the desired reports out of the box and more can be customised on request. Some of the key available reports include; daily vehicle activity, speeding violations, trips and stops reports, locations history (snail trails), alarms report, geofences enter/exit, and more.

Other Key Features: