Remote Fuel Monitoring

Measure Your Fuel Level

Fuel level measurement is one of the core requirements for efficient fuel utilization in trucks, generators, construction and agricultural equipment. Information on fuel volume fill ups and fuel draining volumes from tank or storage is useful for all equipment with high fuel consumption. Increasingly, fuel level measurement and remote monitoring has become a most have for diesel powered generators, trucks and gas storage facilities.

Remote fuel monitoring allows equipment or machinery supervisors to:


What You Stand To Gain


Higher transparency in fuel costs accounting

Fuel level monitoring helps equipment managers to determine precise volumes and exact times of fuel tank refilling which can be used to benchmark with fuel bills.



Measurement of fuel use by decrease in fuel level in tanks, preventing theft from fuel tank, eliminating fraud attempts – all help equipment managers implement fuel optimization measures, and thus reduce company’s fuel expense.



Fuel volume measurement allows detecting date, time and volume of fuel siphoned and helps to prevent unwanted attempts of fuel drain in future.


Case Study

Case studies of some of our esteemed clients that have implemented our remote fuel monitoring system shows significant savings recorded in their day-to-day operations. For instance, our clients have confirmed savings of an average of 50 litres amounting to over N40,000 per truck for every refill conducted.


Case Study

Our client with fifty trucks on a weekly refill of 600 litres per truck have been saving an average of 50*50*4 litres equivalent to 10,000 litres amounting to 8 Million Naira per month at current price of N800/litre.